Ponzio Pilates


Est – 2016

 Peak was formed in 2016 with members Matthew, Scott, Josh and Sarah. Born in the UK, the band have toured around the world with various #1 records.

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Ponzio Pilates

Short Bio

Ponzio Pilates are born as a collective in spring 2015, putting together Jam Session and little fireworks shows between the counters of the old fish market in Rimini. After the first boarding of some clubs in Riviera Romagnola, at the end of the year the first homonym live-album is self produced under the name Ponzio Pilates. The first EP “Abiduga” comes out in June 2016, completely self-produced and born from the collaboration with Gola Hundun, international artist who edited the graphics with other musicians. In 2017 the band line up is solid and during springtime starts the “Pizza e Vongole Tour”, the first real tour, ended in autumn with more than 50 gigs between Italy and abroad, with a progressive stylistic evolution that made every concert an addictive mix of explosive twists, rhythmic litanies and danceable rituals to honor the Earth and the Cosmos. Between autumn and winter the band closes in isolation and full spiritual immersion amongst the countryside of Romagna, and finally the first LP, “Sukate”, is published in spring 2018. The band is on tour from April 2018.

Live Performance


“Ponzio Pilates are an orchestra of pirates full of explosives, adventurers of the electrosamba and undisputed masters of disjointed dance” cit. Montz, the Man


“Ponzio Pilates are an orchestra of pirates full of explosives, adventurers of the electrosamba and undisputed masters of disjointed dance” - IlTizio




"a space-time voyage" - some cool guy

Our latest album out now, listen it for free! ; )